Anne Marie can be booked for individual coaching (private or online) as well as for seminars and lectures. (In Danish and English)

Lectures will cover the following topics:

“Beat it! Da kræften ramte var jeg klar”.

“Beat it! When cancer hit, I was ready”. 

Anne Marie will describe her own personal journey on how she cured herself holistically from breast cancer and turned her back on conventional medicine.

Anne Marie will also briefly cover:

The Big X hidden factors in our today’s society: Big Cell, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Sugar, Big Data, Big Tobacco etc.
Healthy lifestyle, healthy food
Candida and diets The plus/minus & acid/alkaline balance
Artemisinin – the healthy chemo cure killing cancer cells, leaving healthy cells alone – no side effects
Herbs, holistic products and alternative treatments
Daily exercises
Mental and spiritual attitude – positive affirmations – the power of praying
Musical live performance

Anne Marie Bush – My life long love affair with music:

Anne Marie describes her personal journey with music all the way from childhood dreams to becoming a worldwide successful singer, songwriter, performer, vocal-coach and producer.

How to network and team up with the best producers in the World
How to write a hit song
How to produce a hit song
Songwriting and top-liner work
Vocal coaching & performing
Anecdotes from her music career and session work in Hollywood
Musical live performance