Anne Marie Bush graduated from The Academy of Music in Denmark after 4 years of study. Anne Marie has been working professionally in the music industry ever since both in Copenhagen Denmark, in Europe and in the US. During her seven years in the States, Anne Marie collaborated with international top producers, songwriters, major artists, record labels and other industry professionals

Anne Marie expanded her activities with extensive travels all over the world, enlisting herself as a frequent songwriter, vocal producer and recording artist

Anne Marie also spends time coaching other singers and songwriters personally and directly at the studio sessions, bringing out the best in each singer, performer and songwriter

Anne Marie has established a unique program of professional vocal techniques and exercises combined with an empathic approach for each student

Vocal Coaching:

Understand voice physiology and your spiritual and emotional connection

Body exercises to release tensions mainly around the throat, mouth, neck and shoulders

Learn the benefits of correct posture, breathing and resonance including abdominal support and diafragma support

Understand breathing anatomy used for singing including economising inhale and exhale. 

Singing without the chest voice quality usually results in a breathy, weak sound because of the lack of vocal fold engagement. 

Moreover, when your folds aren’t resisting air properly, then you have to push out extra air to produce more sound. Thus a singer without enough chest voice often runs out of breath

Increase vocal range without force or pressure whilst improving strength and tone based on the “Speech Level Singing” techniques developed by Seth Riggs

Vocal warm ups with easy exercises you can do at home, including Seth Riggs exercises from his program “Singing With The Stars” (used by Michael Jackson, J Lo, Janet Jackson a.o)

Vocal registers including register shifts, vocal range, vibrato, breaks, building the gap, pitch, resonance and “speech level” singing

Development of your ability to interpret and communicate songs

Finding and developing your own authentic voice, tone, sound and expression – tell your own story

Stage and studio performance – reduce stage freight, building up self confidence and musical knowledge

Tips & tools for rhythmic interpretations including ad libs, phrasing, intonation and timing

Anne Marie can be booked for individual coaching (private or online) as well as for seminars and lectures